I'm a personal trainer for dog owners.

If you're always busy, and you're looking for a smart way to manage your unruly dog, I have a hyper efficient, proven strategy that works for people like you.


Here's the truth: most behavioural issues found in dogs can be overcome by understanding their psychological behaviour. If you truly understand how they think, solving any issue is simple. 

Most dog owners believe it's their dog that needs training. They're right, to an extent. Your dog needs training - but that training ultimately comes from you. Dogs live and act by example. If you're not acting appropriately, they certainly wont be!

Finally, it's all about connection. If you have a strong bond with your dog, teaching is easy. My assumption is that you're here because you love your dog and/or you want to solve a problem. Here's my #1 piece of advice: connect with your dog! Do you know all her eye, tail and body signals? Do you two have a secret language, vocal or sign? 

A happy dog is one with an amazing relationship with its family. 


What I Specialise In:

How could positive reinforcement be working here?

How could positive reinforcement be working here?

POSITIVE REinforcement

The key to a happy and well behaved dog is Positive Reinforcement. Hands down, it's the most powerful tool your dog learns by. 

Some Canine Students Of Mine:

"All four feet on the ground while vigorously wiggling my bum means love and affection? Awesome!"

"I just have to look at you when you ask to get a treat? Too easy!"

"If I chase the ball and bring it back you'll throw it again!?"

Can you tell what these pups are feeling by looking at them?

Can you tell what these pups are feeling by looking at them?

PUppy training basics

Puppies are  playdough. They all come with a colour (personality), and they can be shaped in any direction. How they develop into adolescents and then young dogs depends on you.

Every time you interact with your puppy, they're learning, and so are you! Body language, eye contact, how you move, talk, interact with your environment: your puppy is watching and learning how you engage with the world. 

It's your job to teach them how they should engage with their surroundings. Reward ecstatically for good behaviour! 

Personal Training For Dog Owners

While it might sound a bit far-fetched, it's generally owners that need training, not dogs. They've spent about 15,000 years paying attention to us, literally shaping the way they interact and think, to suit our needs. Don't you think it's our turn to reward that kind of dedication?

If you own and/or love dogs, you've come to the right place. The best thing I can teach you is how to connect with your dog. Learn what he is saying, why he does certain things, and what makes him the happiest. Our role as leaders and parents to dogs is to provide the best possible world for them to thrive in, just like what we do for children. 

Dogs have amazing potential, and they do so much for us. Let's return the favour and be awesome people for them.