Ben Male - The Auckland Dog Coach

I'm a Personal Fitness and Dog Coach, a Sustainability Buff and an Entrepreneur.

My ultimate goal in life is to be able to shape-shift, but that's not going to happen anytime soon so instead I'm going to settle for creating awesome relationships between dogs and humans.

Dogs have spent 15,000 years evolving to literally become the best versions of themselves to fit into human life. It's my firm belief that as owners (and as really smart humans), we should take the extra step to fully understand how our dogs think to enable us to create the best possible relationships between canines and people. 

Once you understand the how and why of dog psychology, it only takes a little time and effort to kick start and then maintain a truly harmonious relationship with your dog. One full of understanding, compassion, adventure and fun. 

This is what I teach. 


The opposite twins - castiel & archer

These boys were born on February 9th, 2015. They're my inspiration for coaching and I love them like nothing else. They're twins and polar opposites (which is actually a really good thing).

Castiel (black & white) is hyperactive and social, slim and tall. Archer is quiet and introverted, stocky and shorter. Raising litter-mates is a huge deal, but Cas and Archer made it easy with their opposing temperaments keeping each other in check!

The calm before (or generally after) the storm!

The calm before (or generally after) the storm!

My Background 

To give you some personal context, I'll explain a little about the two aspects of my professional life: Coaching and Entrepreneurship. 


My background in coaching began with CrossFit East Auckland in 2012. After a year of training, I signed on as an intern, learning the ropes of reading body movement and how to facilitate correction towards gaining healthy movement patterns. After a year of assistant coaching and practice, I became a Coach: running my own classes and instructing on group health and fitness.

Coaching movement virtuosity has really developed my critical eye for how a body moves and what that movement entails. For CrossFit, I've learned to associate movement patterns with the safety and efficiency of an exercise. 

For dogs, movement patterns determine the language of an action and a feeling, so my association with this becomes that of intent and mental state. A dog with an alert posture with a wagging tail could be ready to play, chase, investigate or even fight. Learning the subtleties of a dog's movement is crucial in understanding their language: this is their primary communication mechanism. 

Sustainable business practice

My time at Auckland University (Bcom Hons, Management) developed my passion for sustainable business practice in New Zealand. My final two years introduced me to ethics and sustainability: I eagerly grasped onto these concepts and started planning how I could be a part of this. 

In 2015, I co-founded Blue Cars - an electric car hire company. We hire out 100% electric cars with the mission of accelerating the uptake of EV's in NZ. The business case for EV's is that they're faster, safer and less expensive to run than a petrol car. 

If you don't yet know about EV's or how amazing they are, check out this link.

At the end of 2015, I joined forces with my cousin and we created Inbound - a boutique digital marketing agency who are changing the way Kiwi businesses grow online. We bring our expertise to Kiwi businesses in NZ, streamlining their inbound marketing efforts and growing their success exponentially. 

Our long term mission is to generously contribute to the transition of a sustainable business norm in NZ. 

Thanks for stopping by :) 

Thanks for stopping by :)