I'm a Personal Trainer. 
Instead of fitness, we work on relationships. 


How it works

A truly happy and well behaved dog doesn't come from just teaching obedience and tricks. It comes from having a deep understanding of how your dog engages with the world, and your part in it. 

Dogs inherently communicate with their bodies: the subtleties of movement, the intricacy of their tails, their eye contact: it all counts.

Learning how to speak dog is the strongest tool you can learn. Once you learn their language, you'll find that communication is going to be amazing. Not only reading their body signals, but being able to hold their attention and engage through meaningful interaction is incredible! 

If you're keen to learn the exact psychological profile of your dog: how he thinks and what profile he fits into, check out Dognition. Once you begin to truly understand your canine buddy, sorting out behavioural issues becomes no problem. 

Barking, leash pulling, destruction, separation anxiety, inability to 'listen', jumping, aggression, and much more.

Understand why, and you can figure any of these issues out. 

Read on for the specifics of my training program, and what's required to create an awesome relationship with your best friend.

Benefits you can achieve through positive reinforcement dog training:

  • The ability to leave a happy dog at home and get more work done.
  • No more embarrassment from a pulling, barking, biting dog!
  • Future proofing your dog now to avoid any disasters happening down the road.
  • Think of the next 10 years with next to zero leash pulling. 
  • Saving time - Less time spent on ineffective and frustrating training. 
  • Having fun - Positive reinforcement will create an awesome relationship. 
  • Stress relief - no more constant worrying about what young Destructo is up to.
  • Empowerment - feel calm and in control, happy and confident.

A Training Program for both you & your dog

A training program through The Auckland Dog Coach is both for yourself as much as it is for your dog. It's all about understanding what's required to have a happy, obedient dog, and how you fit into that as a leader. You'll be required to spend a little extra time than you're probably used to with your canine companion, but if you're consistent, you're going to see great results!

Step 1: Consultation

We begin with an in-house consultation. I'll come around to visit and meet the family. It's really important I get to know everyone in the household - humans and animals! We'll talk about your dog's history and your current life schedules, and I'll ask some key questions. 

With a really firm understanding of your situation, and having completed some basic coaching around the 6 training principles, I'll head home and prepare for our first lesson. 

Lesson 1: The Basics

Lesson 1 involves teaching two sets of  basic skills required to grab your dog's attention and focus on you. 

There's the "Leave It/ Look at Me" combo, and the "Sit, Down, Up, Stand" routine. 

These skill sets are something you'll implement for life, so make sure you listen up and absorb everything I have to say! I'll be leaving you with a digital copy of all this training, with instructions on how to carry these activities out, so don't stress about hitting 100% on day 1. 

I'm also going to leave you with an activity schedule! An interactive spreadsheet designed for both consistency and accountability, I'll be able to see if you're keeping pace with your training goals.

Lesson 2: How's It Going?

After a week of recording you and your dog's training sessions and day-to-day activities, we'll review! How has the last week been? Exhausting, fun, new, positive, stressful? We'll chat and see what the last week has brought  you.  We'll recap the basic skills really quick, discuss any changes to how we might want to structure your program, then move on to some new skills!

We'll also spend some time working on any trouble areas you're currently experiencing, whether this is a certain behaviour from your dog, or how your current situation is panning out.

With a healthy check in sorted, I'll leave you to another week of progress with your engaged companion!

Lesson 3: We're Making Progress!

Two weeks into the program and we'll be seeing awesome changes! To be honest, the biggest change at this point is for the person - you've adjusted to your new schedule, and it's empowering how great the change is. Your dog will respond almost instantly, so this week is all about celebrating your new lifestyle, and pushing for further growth.

We'll cover off some new skills, talk about any other points of interest, and power into the week 4.

Lesson 4: The Last Week of Month 1!

At this stage, we're doing awesome. You've discovered a whole new world with your dog and it's the coolest feeling ever. Not only do you feel connected like never before, but you're relationship is so well improved that the obedience is just a by-product of the awesome work you've put in.

If we haven't already, we'll go for a walk and talk about leash manners!

Lesson 5: Review and Moving Forward

With all the progress over the last month tracked and measured, we'll have a review session. What went awesome, and what can still be improved? If we identify specific behaviours that need to be worked on, or if you'd like to progress in skills training, we'll create a tailored plan to tackle this!

If you're really happy with the way everything is going: great! I'd recommend at this stage to have me check in every second week for the next few months, to ensure we don't slip and progress stays on point.  

Remember, it's all about you! The time you put in will be rewarded with the relationship you create with your best little friend.

The Secret Of Accountability 

The key to any personal training is accountability. Once you've committed to be accountable to yourself and your trainer, you push harder for results. Ever made a pact with a friend for a "x month long challenge" to eat cleaner, train harder together, or push to reach some awesome goal? This is the same deal: a dedication to creating a better life for your dog and your family!

The benefit of having a personal coach in this space is that dog training takes time. You can train a trick and the beginnings of a behaviour in minutes, but to have lasting impact you need reinforcement through consistency. 

It might take weeks to months to firmly train in a new (permanent) behaviour. I put that in brackets because no behaviour is permanent, not even for humans! The first few weeks are by far the most important to set the scene for long term success, and that's where I come in. 

I'll visit on a weekly basis for the first month, ensuring that your training is moving along smoothly. Each week we'll cover new content, recap the basics, and I'll leave you with tasks to complete for the following week. Step by step we'll create a tailored framework, enabling you full autonomy over your dog's behavioural progression. 

Sounds like a plan?