The ONE thing that solves most behavioural issues

If you don't already know the answer, you'll always remember it after your read on below. 

It's incredibly simple and it's something we often overlook. We overlook it for ourselves, and we overlook it for our dogs. It's great for our health and happiness, and theirs too. It's something we all NEED, but we don't get enough of!

Guessed yet?


An earlier blog of mine explains why this is. Here's the gist:

Dogs have spent literally thousands of years adapting to attune themselves to humans. We've bred them to be our partners in all things: herding, hunting, guarding, scenting, etc. 

Naturally, as we've bred these dogs for their certain tasks, they've changed to fit. Larger and stronger for working dogs, and even in scenting dogs cases, a better olfactory system to smell with.

The one constant overall is that dogs have ENERGY. A lot of it! And generally speaking, that energy is directed at you. 

If you can't provide a response for that energy, they're going to be forced to find their own outlet. This might mean your couch becomes much more interesting while you're out!

This isn't their fault, it's yours.

Look, Mum. It's not's you!!

Look, Mum. It's not's you!!

A lack of an energy outlet can also heighten and even sometimes create negative behaviours that cause distress to yourself and your dog. These are things like separation anxiety, jumping on guests, barking while you're out, or even while you're home. Most of the time, these have all come about because your dog simply hasn't had the time to burn off their energy. 

The solution?

10-15 minutes of engaging exercise in the morning (tug, fetch, frisbee, etc) and the afternoon. This can literally solve over 90% of the behavioural issues in most dogs. 

Try it out for a week. 10-15 minutes in the morning before work, and see if you notice a difference. 

I'll bet you do. 

Add in a few miniature training sessions throughout the day, and you'll soon be praised for having an incredibly well behaved and trained dog. More to come on this in the near future, though!

For now: get exercising, have some fun, and witness how much happier you can make your dog feel.