My Services

I believe in keeping all things open and honest, and easy to manage. I'll quickly list out what's offered as my services and what you can expect to invest if you're keen on improving your dog's behaviour!

Call outs

I'll pop over straight off the bat and we can discuss what issues your having with your dog. We'll run through whatever is necessary in the time we've set aside: this could be training, discussion, tips, lifestyle-change suggestions, etc. 

Casual Rate: $100 per training session (1 hour approx)
Referral Rate: $80 per training session (1 hour approx) (if you've been referred, or refer, a friend)

Group training

Grab a friend or two, and we can have a group training session either at a neutral location (a park for example) or one of your properties. With the added interaction of multiple dogs, we'll have a chat about social interaction alongside the basics of training, commands, and lifestyle changes that might need to happen in order for your issues to be resolved.

Group Rate: $60 per training session (1 hour approx), per person.

HOME Consultation

A home consultation generally acts as a prequel to my personal training program, although it can exist independently and work really well as an initial assessment + recommendations for your dog. 

First up: I'll meet your dog! We'll hang out with her the whole time so I can observe her in her home environment.

During a consultation, we will generally sit down or walk around your house for an hour or so and chat about your history and your dog's. I'll come to learn your families current situation, when you adopted your dog, your initial months (unless she is a pup now!), redeeming qualities, frustrating qualities;  the list goes on and we'll cover it all.  

The point is to create a really deep and contextual framework around how you're current situation is shaped. With that absolute knowledge, I'll know exactly what needs to be focused on first. On the spot, I'll recommend an action plan and I'll email a copy out to you as well. 

If you're keen to take it to the next level and you understand the power of accountability, we'll book a time for my personal training program and jump straight in at a time that suits you, once a week!

Home Consultation: $120

Personal Training

My personal training program is by far the most valuable return on investment. It's spaced over a month, with the goal of re-shaping the way you and your dog communicate and interact. You'll need to be slightly flexible with your time - even if that means waking up or going to bed 15 minutes earlier!

I'll be leaving you with daily tasks that you need to complete: both follow-up training and exercise plans.

The value here is through consistency and accountability. I'll be creating a personally tailored program for you to follow, complete with digital content and an activity schedule to ensure you're truly getting the most out of this as possible. We'll have a session every week, whereby we recap the previous week's training, we review how the last week has gone, learn some new commands, and discuss any challenges you're currently facing. 

Think of me as a personal trainer, since that's how this relationship will be structured. You're going to receive about 2 hours of my time a week (approximately 1 hour with you personally). We're going to be setting goals just as much for yourself as your dog: proactivity and commitment are required to make this work!

For an in-depth explanation on how this program is generally structured - check out how I coach.

Feel free to include the whole family in this - I have no trouble at all coaching the whole crowd. In fact - results are going to be MUCH better if everyone is on board, so this is definitely something I recommend. 

4-week Personal Training Course: $499
Follow Up Sessions: $80 an hour

If you've enjoyed the course, feel free to refer to a friend for a 20% discount!  

Unfortunately, I can't offer group rates for this course. Since it's personally tailored, it really does need to be per person (and family). However, if you know a friend that could benefit from this and you both sign up - you will both get 20% off the course.

Any questions, please feel free to fire away. Click below and get in touch!

My personal guarantee 

To keep this experience as value added and as positive for you as possible, I have two personal guarantees:

1) If for any reason during the first consultation you're unhappy, we can call it there. I'll leave you with all the goals we've set, and any information that I've brought along as training tips, and other bits and pieces. If it's not going to work for you, then no problem!

2) Once you've graduated the course (and during it!), you'll have full access to me via phone and email, permanently. Any time you have questions or are stuck on something, flick me a message and we can have a chat! The point of this course and my time is to help you create a sustainable, long-term strategy. I know it gets tough sometimes to keep that proactive routine up, so never hesitate to get in touch. 

Plus, I'd love to catch-up to hear how you are all going :)